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August 2nd 2023,


Comrades and fellow Africans,


The Central Organizing Committee of the Communist Party of Kenya issues this critical statement in response to the recent coups unfolding in Africa and the insidious threat posed by imperialistic endeavours to the sovereignty of our nations.


We firmly grasp the historical reality that African destabilization intensified following the deceptive attainment of independence, where neo-colonial states emerged, with black oppressors acting as proxies for former colonizers. West Africa, in particular, has borne the brunt of this legacy.


As revolutionaries, we understand that not all coups are equal. We distinguish between progressive coups, driven by genuine popular support, seeking to dismantle corrupt puppet regimes entangled with Western powers, and reactionary coups, which are fuelled and supported by foreign interference to serve vested interests.


It is with utmost frustration that we witness the hypocritical stance of Western powers. They selectively endorse coups aligned with their interests while condemning those challenging their hegemony. We denounce this arrogance and call upon the West to respect the sovereignty of African nations, allowing us to address our internal issues independently.


The recent coup events have exposed the deep-seated influence of US imperialism, extending its tentacles into regional organizations like ECOWAS. Such influence manipulates narratives to serve Western dominance rather than genuinely protect democracy and justice.


We stand in solidarity with countries experiencing progressive coups, such as Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger, where the people rise against oppression, corruption, and economic exploitation. We salute the courageous efforts to reclaim the wealth of our nations for the benefit of all citizens. We call upon the communist parties and progressive forces in the respective countries to seize the moment and form tactical alliances to vanquish the puppets of the West, expropriate them and start the most difficult task of building a pro-people economy.


Let us also denounce reactionary coups orchestrated by Western frontiers in countries like Chad, Libya, and the now infamous coloured revolutions. These coups perpetuate instability, disrupt peace, and undermine the aspirations of our people.


We vehemently condemn the presence of foreign military bases in our continent, as they pose a grave threat to African sovereignty and undermine our self-determination. These bases serve as instruments of imperialistic control, enabling foreign powers to exert their influence, exploit our resources, and interfere in our internal affairs. They perpetuate a neo-colonial agenda, hindering our progress towards true independence and perpetuating a cycle of instability and conflict.


The establishment of these military bases further deepens the historical wounds of colonization and reinforces the oppressive grip of foreign powers on our continent. As the Central Organizing Committee of the Communist Party of Kenya, we call for the immediate dismantling of all foreign military bases in Africa, asserting our right to chart our own path towards peace, justice, and sovereignty. Together, let us rise as one to protect the dignity and freedom of our nations from the encroachment of foreign military presence.


This reality compels us to be vigilant. During times of governmental upheaval, power often shifts to the most organized forces. We must acknowledge that the people's interests are best served when revolutionary forces, like our party, intensify their organizational efforts to safeguard the future of our nations.


We call upon revolutionary forces across Africa to unite and fortify our ranks, acknowledging that the masses are the vanguard of change. The absence of peace in the Sahel region stands as a stark reminder of imperialistic endeavours that continue to undermine peace and justice in our beloved continent.


In conclusion, the Central Organizing Committee of the Communist Party of Kenya reaffirms our unwavering commitment to the principles of peace, justice, and sovereignty in Africa. Let us intensify our organizational efforts, standing resolute against imperialism and forging a united front to achieve the liberation and prosperity our people deserve.


Long live Africa!

Long Live free, liberated Africa!

Long live the struggle for justice and liberation!

Long live Socialist Africa!


Solidarity forever!

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