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Date: July 20, 2023

The National Central Organizing Committee of the Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) stands firmly in support of the 3-day general strike in Nairobi and across Kenya. We vehemently condemn the resurgence of the oppressive police state and the injustices faced by the Kenyan masses.

We are deeply saddened to inform the public that Comrade Harris Ochieng, a dedicated member of CPK, fell into the hands of police thugs during the July 7, 2023 demonstrations. He was shot by the police at Kitengela Old Naivas at 4 pm while participating in the peaceful protest. His sacrifice and bravery in the face of injustice will be remembered, and we mourn his loss.

Furthermore, on the same day, 37 activists from our party were illegally detained for two nights at Central police station without any charges filed against them only to be released after 2 nights incarceration uncharged. The party is already initiating a petition against these illegal detentions. The use of such oppressive tactics to silence and intimidate activists is unacceptable and goes against the principles of democracy and human rights.

Yesterday's handling of the day one strikes on the rising cost of living by President Ruto confirms his struggle with legitimacy as a leader. We denounce Ruto's criminal gangs, which are ruthlessly taking the lives of the impoverished people of Nairobi in the name of protecting peace, investors, and properties. We firmly believe that no life can be valued less than any amount of property.

We shall not allow peace without justice to prevail, and we reject the existence of the special lethal force created by President Ruto to suppress protestors and engage in cold-blooded killings. Such brutality cannot be tolerated, even for a single day. We call upon all Kenyan masses to intensify the mass offensive until concrete proposals are put forward to dismantle all anti-people policies set out by the Kenya Kwanza kleptocracy.

CPK strongly condemns the 'communist' turncoats, led by Benedict Wachira and Mwandawiro Mghanga, who are aiding and abetting the government's killer squads in the name of forming strategic alliances with capital. We firmly distance ourselves from these lapdogs of the bloodthirsty comprador class misrule.

We reaffirm our unwavering faith in the Kenyan masses, under the steadfast leadership of the working class. We issue a clear warning to the fifth column, led by the disgraced Wachira and Mghanga, that their support for the criminal activities of the current government will not go unpunished.

The struggle for justice, equality, and the rights of the oppressed continues, and we stand in solidarity with the people of Kenya in their fight for a just and equitable society.

In solidarity,

Released by the 2nd National Central Organizing Committee of the Communist Party of Kenya (CPK)

A Yellow Card for President Ruto: The Next Offensive Must Hand Over the Red and ...
09 Jul 2024 06:39

July 5, 2024 Statement from the Central Organising Committee of the Communist Party of Kenya Fellow Kenyans, The time has come for us to complete the mission we began with our protests. William Ruto and his regime, along with their local collaborators and international financiers, have shown their true colours. They promise reform but deliver nothing of substance. Let us be clear: Ruto will not change unless we force him to. This illegitimate government, birthed from fraud, tribal mobilisation, and the dirty money of global organised crime, cannot be allowed to stand. The recent protests h [ ... ]

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Too Little, Too Late: Ruto Must Resign
27 Jun 2024 06:37

Statement by the Central Organizing Committee of the Communist Party of Kenya In the wake of intense demonstrations against the Finance Bill 2024 and the consistent, resolute demand for the resignation of President William Ruto, the President has made a belated and insincere about-face, declaring that he shall not consent to the bill and ostensibly acceding to the people's demands. This disingenuous capitulation comes only after Ruto ordered the brutal murder of more than 10 confirmed protesters and unleashed death squads to massacre more innocent lives in Githurai.  We must not allow Ruto  [ ... ]

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Ruto Resign or Be Overthrown
26 Jun 2024 11:14

The blood spilled on the streets of Kenya lies squarely in the hands of the IMF, the World Bank, and their local puppets led by President Ruto in Nairobi. Yesterday’s peaceful anti-government and anti-Finance Bill protests saw countless people maimed nearly to death and at least 10 comrades martyred. Following this brutality, there was another attack on the most vulnerable in Nairobi's Githurai, where numerous poor residents were murdered in cold blood, their bodies still unaccounted for. Prior to this, countless activists, revolutionaries, and social media influencers were kidnapped by the  [ ... ]

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President William Ruto: The Imperialist Puppet Exposed and Why the CPK Shall Ta...
18 Jun 2024 11:15

  Statement by the Communist Party of Kenya, Unmasking Ruto’s Betrayal and Mobilizing for Kenya’s Sovereignty and Justice   The Communist Party of Kenya vehemently condemns President Ruto's recent actions, which expose his true allegiance as a subservient agent of Western imperialism. His visit to Washington and address at the G7 summit confirm beyond doubt that he is held captive by the foreign forces that facilitated his ascent to power. This is no longer speculation but a glaring fact: President Ruto is a puppet of the Western ruling class, betraying the Kenyan people at every turn [ ... ]

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