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Resolution 1: Reactivation of Study Circles and Pursuit of Rectification Program

WHEREAS, the Central Organizing Committee has commissioned a rectification program to ensure ideological consistency and adherence to party principles;

WHEREAS, the party cells must operate in accordance with the party constitution and all other principles and protocols laid out by the party organization and party school;


  1. All study circles shall be reactivated and pursue the rectification program with determination, both theoretically and through praxis.
  2. Party cells shall operate in accordance with the party constitution and all other principles and protocols set by the party organization and party school.


Resolution 2: Adoption of Induction Documents and Party School Curriculum

WHEREAS, the party school curriculum is a living document that should evolve and reflect the changing needs of the party;

WHEREAS, the induction documents presented by the Ideological Working Committee have been deemed suitable for party members;


  1. The induction documents proposed by the Ideological Working Committee shall be adopted.
  2. The party school curriculum shall consist of three parts: the induction, the three components of Marxism (Marxist political economy, Marxist philosophy, and the immortal doctrine of class struggle), and contemporary party documents.


Resolution 3: Formation of the Membership and Accreditation Committee

WHEREAS, there is a need to accredit qualified study circle members for admission into the candidature program of the party;


  1. The Membership and Accreditation Committee shall be established.
  2. The committee's task will be to accredit qualified study circle members and present them during the pass-out parade for admission into the party's candidature program.
  3. The committee shall schedule the pass-out parade within two months.


Resolution 4: Adoption of the CPK Oath

WHEREAS, the CPK oath proposed by the party school reflects the commitment and dedication expected of party members;


  1. The convention adopts the CPK oath proposed by the party school in its entirety.
  2. All party school graduates shall be required to take the oath and honor it both in theory and praxis.


Resolution 5: Adoption of the Paul Freire Model for Party School Pedagogy

WHEREAS, the Paul Freire model has been recognized as an effective pedagogy for party education;


  1. The convention adopts the Paul Freire model as the pedagogy for the party school.
  2. The Ideological Working Committee is mandated to rework the school curriculum to reflect this pedagogy.
  3. Cell leaders shall study with the guidance of the school leadership to realize this model of learning.


Resolution 6: Compulsory Agitprop Course for Propaganda and Agitation

WHEREAS, propaganda and agitation are essential for advancing the party's objectives;

WHEREAS, the tailored course named "agitprop" has been deemed crucial for party members;


  1. The agitprop course shall be made compulsory as a requisite to join the candidature program.


Resolution 7: Combining Theory and Praxis in Party Organizations

WHEREAS, the party organizations must embody the combination of theory and praxis;


  1. All party organizations, including the party cells, shall combine theory and praxis in their activities.


Resolution 8: Recruitment of Party Members and Embracing Class Biases

WHEREAS, the party aims to broaden its membership base among the Kenyan working class;

WHEREAS, recruitment efforts should focus on the wider sections of the Kenyan working class and avoid targeting petty bourgeois reactionary strata;


  1. The recruitment of party members shall prioritize the wider sections of the Kenyan working class.
  2. All new recruits shall go through the Membership and Accreditation Committee for assessment and admission into the party.
  3. The next membership drive shall be rolled out with a specific focus on reaching out to the working class.
  4. The Membership and Accreditation Committee shall ensure the thorough screening and selection of individuals who align with the party's Marxist-Leninist principles.

Resolution 9: Adoption of Strict Party Line for the Marxist-Leninist Party

WHEREAS, maintaining ideological consistency and unity is crucial for the party's revolutionary objectives;

WHEREAS, a strict party line is necessary to combat deviations from the established ideology and advance the party's goals;

WHEREAS, fostering rigorous ideological education and debate within the party is vital for the development and deepening of Marxist-Leninist principles;


  1. The Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) establishes a strict party line to be followed by all party members.
  2. Party members are obligated to study and understand the theoretical foundations of Marxism-Leninism, including the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and other prominent Marxist-Leninist thinkers.
  3. The party shall organize regular educational programs, study circles, and seminars to promote ideological development and deepen members' understanding of Marxist-Leninist theory.
  4. Party members are required to strictly adhere to the established party line in their public statements, actions, and engagements, accurately representing the party's official positions.
  5. Disciplinary measures shall be applied to any party member found deviating from the party line, including re-education, warnings, and, in extreme cases, expulsion from the party.
  6. The party leadership shall ensure regular review and updates to the party line in response to changing circumstances while maintaining fidelity to the core principles of Marxism-Leninism.
  7. The party shall foster an environment of open and comradely debate, encouraging constructive criticism and self-criticism to improve and refine the party line over time.
  8. Party members in leadership positions shall be responsible for upholding and promoting the party line, ensuring its proper implementation among party members and organizing educational initiatives accordingly.
  9. The party shall prioritize the recruitment and selection of individuals who demonstrate a strong commitment to Marxist-Leninist principles and have the potential to contribute effectively to the party's objectives.
  10. The party shall encourage solidarity and cooperation with like-minded organizations and parties internationally while ensuring that these alliances do not compromise the party's commitment to its own party line.


Resolution 10: Adoption of the minimum program of the United Front as a popular document for mass work in the Party Ideological School, without incorporating it into the school's syllabus, as the political curriculum is already outlined in resolution 2.


Resolution 11: Formulate a strategic program for the Social Justice Centers.


Resolution 12: Instruct the Central Organizing Committee to create a Mass Work document, which will serve as a guide for the school's activities, particularly in reactivating all organizing units or sections within the working class.


This resolution shall take effect immediately upon its passage.


The convention confirmed its total adherence to the ongoing self and collective rectification program rolled out by the party, ensuring continuous improvement and ideological consistency.

The adopted CPK oath, as presented earlier, remains in effect for all party members.

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