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The Kenya Finance Bill 2023 is an unfair and regressive legislation that favors the wealthy and corporations at the expense of the working-class and poor majority. It fails to implement progressive taxation, placing an undue burden on those who can least afford it while failing to adequately tax the wealthy. For example, the proposed increase in tax on kerosene, a basic commodity used by many poor Kenyans for cooking and lighting, will hit the vulnerable hardest.


The Communist Party of Kenya proposes several steps to improve the bill. Firstly, the inheritance tax should be increased to redistribute wealth and prevent the concentration of wealth among a few families. Secondly, the corporate tax rate should be significantly increased to ensure that corporations pay their fair share and contribute to the common good. Thirdly, basic commodities such as kerosene should be exempt from taxation, while luxury goods and services should be taxed more heavily. Fourthly, a land tax on big landlords can help reduce wealth inequality and generate revenue for the government.


Moreover, the proposed increase in tax on mobile money transfers is a direct attack on the poor, who heavily rely on this service. The tax should be abolished, and alternative revenue sources explored. We urge the Kenyan parliament to consider our proposals and take action to protect the interests of the common people.


The Communist Party of Kenya believes that budgeted funds should be directed towards pro-people services like healthcare and food security instead of servicing illegitimate debts or paying hefty perks for government bureaucrats. A fair and just taxation system that adequately taxes the wealthy and corporations is essential to building a more just and equitable society.


We call on all progressive forces to unite against the Kenya Finance Bill 2023 and demand a fair and just taxation system that prioritizes the needs of the poor and marginalized. The Kenya Kwanza administration must listen to the voices of the people and amend the Finance Bill 2023 accordingly. Failure to do so will only deepen the poverty and inequality that already exists in our society.


It's time for the government to prioritize the needs of the people over the interests of the wealthy few. The Kenya Finance Bill 2023 must be amended to reflect this priority.



Booker Ngesa Omole 

The National Vice Chairperson and National Organizing Committee of the Central Organizing Committee of the Communist Party of Kenya

Official Statement from the Communist Party of Kenya: International Course on Po...
05 Dec 2023 17:01

Date:December 5, 2023 The Party School of the Communist Party of Kenya proudly announces the active engagement of two exemplary cadres in the International Course on Political Theory at the Amilcar Cabral School. Comrade Leon Munala, Secretary of the Peasants Movement, and Comrade Christine Areng, a dedicated party militant from Isiolo, are representing the CPK in this revolutionary course hosted by the Socialist Movement of Ghana. The program spans from November 24, 2023, to December 17, 2023. Embodying the revolutionary spirit, our comrades actively participate in robust discussions and kn [ ... ]

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CPK Slams Shanta Gold's Predatory Mining Agenda in Ramula and Exposes Gem MP's C...
20 Nov 2023 13:34

  The Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) strongly condemns Shanta Gold's intended exploitative mining activities in Ramula, a scheme that has garnered controversial support from Mr. Odhiambo, the Member of Parliament for Gem Constituency. Addressing the public gathering at Gamba Technical Training Institute (TTI), Mr. Odhiambo's alignment with Shanta Gold's questionable project raises serious concerns about his commitment to the well-being and rights of the Ramula community. Shanta Gold's clandestine operations, coupled with their disregard for legal procedures and transparency, demonstrate a t [ ... ]

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CPK Joins the Global Anti-Imperialist Frontline in Athens: A Call to Action
17 Nov 2023 08:20

Comrades and allies of the anti-imperialist struggle, in the historic streets of Athens, where the struggle for democracy and resistance converge, the World Anti-Imperialist platform gathers to confront the rising tide of world war and outline the tasks ahead for all steadfast anti-imperialists. The Communist Party of Kenya (CPK), committed to internationalism, stands among the participants, represented by Booker Ngesa Omole, the National Vice Chairperson of the Central Organizing Committee. This crucial event, unfolding from November 17 to 20, is not merely a conference; it is a battlefield  [ ... ]

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Urgent Action Needed to Halt Corruption in Cooperative Sector
16 Nov 2023 05:07

November 15, 2023, 18:24 Hrs   For Immediate Release Statement by Comrade Leon Munala, Member of the Central Organizing Committee and Secretary of Peasant and Cooperative Movement, Communist Party of Kenya   Stop Extorting SACCOs: A Call for Immediate Investigation and Action Dear Fellow Kenyans, The Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) expresses grave concern over the pervasive corruption affecting our cooperative sector. Today, the Nation Media Group reported that hundreds of Metropolitan National SACCO members are demonstrating against the alleged misappropriation of Sh7.7 billion by sen [ ... ]

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