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On January 11, 2023, at about 5 am, three uniformed police officers stormed the home of Felix's parents in Mumbuni, Kitui and took Felix's life with several gunshots. Felix was shot right in front of his parents and siblings. His murder was carried out only a few days after President Ruto appeared on national TV to assure the Kenyans that extra-judicial killings, a common practice with every successive regime in Kenya, would be a thing of the past. 


The Communist Party of Kenya demands the immediate arrest of the police who took an innocent soul, and in addition to the arrest, conduct a speedy investigation, prosecution and jailing of the persons responsible for this heinous crime. Kenyans do not fund the Kenya Kwanza government to invest in a death machine in the name of the Kenya Police Service. 


At the time of his untimely death, Felix was a trusted Communist Party of Kenya cadre member attached to the Kitui party branch. The corporate media, which is always awash with news when the dirty corrupt, filthy politicians die, has been silent on extra-judicial killings. It is telling that the assassinations of poor people remain conspicuously missing in the mainstream corporate media. Their silence is a chilling story that should not go unnoticed by the defenders of justice and those seeking to hold the Kenya Kwanza government to account. 



Sefu Sani 

General Secretary 

The Communist Party of Kenya

Statement from the Central Organizing Committee of the Communist Party of Kenya ...
10 Jun 2023 13:03

Date: 10/6/2023 The Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) stands in unwavering solidarity with the Coalition for Revolution (CORE) and the Nigerian workers in their struggle against the oppressive and anti-poor policies of the Bola Ahmed Tinubu-led regime. We recognize the glaring similarities between the state of the nation in Kenya and Nigeria, where both countries suffer from the consistent interference of the dominant class in the metropole, implementing policies that perpetuate inequality and disregard the well-being of the working class. President William Samoe Ruto of Kenya, like his Nigeria [ ... ]

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Solidarity Message from the Communist Party of Kenya to the People of Guinea- Bi...
08 Jun 2023 17:27

Comrades and friends of the People's African Independence Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde Party (PAIGC) and PAI Terra Ranka,   On this historic day, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to the PAIGC and its coalition parties for emerging as the victorious force in the legislative elections of Guinea-Bissau. Today, we witness what can rightfully be termed as the second independence of Guinea Bissau, a significant milestone in the ongoing struggle for freedom, justice, and self-determination.   The Communist Party of Kenya stands in solidarity with the people of Guinea-Bissau, who have con [ ... ]

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Defiance Prevails: The Communist Party of Kenya Thwarts the Temporary Coup Attem...
08 Jun 2023 17:25

Today, the Communist Party of Kenya boldly confronted and thwarted a temporary coup orchestrated by a deceitful minority, with the Registrar of Political Parties Office acting as their puppeteer. Anne Nderitu, the registrar, Daniel Kinuthia, the director of compliance, and the disgraced Wachira, former secretary general, are the architects of this vile conspiracy. Ali Surraw, the deputy registrar, shamelessly executed their sinister plans.   Our resolute actions successfully prevented the coup from gaining a foothold. The lapdogs of the parasitic ruling class were forcefully halted from occ [ ... ]

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Shattering the Illusion: National Prayers Breakfast Exposed as a Smoke Screen by...
07 Jun 2023 16:52

Date: June 7, 2023 Dear Comrades of Kenya, Today, we witness the Kenyan ruling class, led by president William Samoe Ruto, gathering at Safari Park Hotel for the National Prayers Breakfast. But we refuse to be silent spectators. We cannot contain our deep disappointment and seething anger as we unravel the true intentions behind this ludicrous and extravagant charade. This empty display has been thrust upon us by the capitalist ruling class and their government for well over seventeen relentless years, all while we, the hardworking masses, suffer the consequences of their failures. They con [ ... ]

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